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Sep 8, 2016 Dr Sam Soriero reviewed the XtendOvite Tincture 100ml product. Good ingredients. Feeling much better since taking product.

amazon.com customer feedback  5/11/17 5 This product is superb. I have been taking it for about a year now and I can feel my cardiovascular system run like a Swiss watch. I definitely recommend this product for anyone that has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart palpitations. A+

Dec 31 2016. Fantastic product it works  By Julie H    It’s potent but it works. I have been waking up for the past 3 years with numb hands and a week into using this product my numb hands seems to have cleared up. My circulation was off and now it’s back on track I’m so happy. I feel so energized and I have my husband on it now. My mother-in-law has cholesterol problem so I bought her a bottle for process. Thank you so much. Love the product.

December 3, 2016   It really does work like the reviews say it does.
I heard about this on INFO WARS with Alex Jones. I cannot believe that after the 1st few days I didn’t feel as sluggish or clogged up. It has had a profound impact on my physical/emotional well being. I’m skeptical as most people about products and their claims, and I never write reviews. But, it is a wonderful product and I recommend it to everyone.

Oct 26 2016   Just wanted to reach out once again & say THANKS for being a loyal advertiser on “The Captain’s AMERICA – Third Watch” radio show!  I have seen an IMPROVEMENT in both my Blood Pressure & my last Blood work showed a very good improvement as well, prompting my Doctor to ask, “Are you doing anything special?” I said “Nothing except taking this product called Xtendovite!” So now my Doctor is watching to see how this all continues to work out… My Doctor just LOVES the results I’m getting taking the “Xtendovite”!!!! Said, “keep on doing what you’re doing!”…   Matt Bruce, ‘The Captain’

on August 23, 2016  This product has lowered my blood pressure in about a month time frame. The only side effect for me is minor gas. It seems to be a legitimate alternative.

By Magnumforce on August 18, 2016   I Was diagnosed with high blood pressure I was a little bit alarmed as I have always been in good health. I started this regimen as soon as it arrived last week I have noted the heaviness in my chest has gone and the pressure headaches I have been having are lessened. I am hoping to see greater results as time progresses as I am an avid non user of pharmaceuticals and avoid them at all cost if possible. This was I think a great alternative to heart medication not that I am a doctor and for some there is no choice but again for someone like me I am so far pleased with the results.

Five Stars Aug. 2 2016
Good product and great price. It is strong but not that hard to get used to.

July 24 2016  Love it. By Customer Verified Purchase

July 18 2016  I was struggling to increase my workout. Started Xendovite in two weeks I increased by 15 minutes. I was swimming 45 min. Now 1 hour. Love it. Five Stars  By Steven    Really works!!!

 July 17 2016 Worked 4 me  By David    Blood pressure spikes stopped after 16 days using this product

Tuesday, June 28, 2016  Subject: Customer feedback         Hello, About two months ago, I began taking the Heart drop product in liquid form. Within 2 weeks, the heaviness I felt in my legs while walking disappeared. The pounding chest, throbbing vision, and dizziness I have grown accustomed to after even short walks is no longer an issue as well. These are the improvements I had hoped for before purchasing Xtendovite, and it certainly delivers. In addition to the above, there are some unexpected benefits I have noticed. First, while in the military, I developed extremely aggressive dandruff and athletes foot. These conditions have stayed with me, even 15 years after leaving the military. After about a month of using Xtendovite, I noticed my feet no longer itched and burned, and the dry skin and cracks were gone. As far as the dandruff, the crown area of my scalp would often suffer deep, bleeding pockmarks if I allowed my hair to grow too long. While my wife was cutting my hair this weekend, she informed me that my dandruff had been reduced dramatically. Lastly, I have suffered from severe acid re-flux for more than a decade, and I am prescribed both pills and liquid anti-acid products to control the problem. I stopped using the pills due to negative side-effects, and use the liquid only when absolutely required. Since taking Xtendovite, I have noticed that I barely use my liquid anti-acid at all, which is a very welcome benefit. Overall, Xtendovite has been a blessing, and I look forward to continuing taking it long into the future.  Thank you,  Glenn M

THANK YOU testimonial!! June 2016
I just wanted you to know I saw my doctor and I laughed because he said ” I
don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it.” I have been taking
Xtendovite had borderline high blood pressure, heart flutter, high
cholesterol. I changed my diet but included your product with doctors
permission with an amazing turn around for the better. a few months later I
had a doctors appointment and took a stress test. I passed ! no heart
flutter! blood pressure was perfect, my doctor even took me off of my
medicine and lost 20 lbs my blood work was even better. I can verify this
for you if you need proof. I wanted to tell you your product literally saved
my health and improved it in multiple areas. What a true God send and major
help it has been. I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart this stuff
works and I’m so grateful for you. Thank you ! Thank You! Thank You!!!! Sincerely,

Justin G
San Antonio, TX

Extend your life with Extendovite June 6 2016 By Robert 
Terrific company to buy from. Excellent quality.

Amazing….go natural

By bob on April 29, 2016,  I do not write many reviews however this product is absolutely amazing. My bp was between 150 and 170, after just 3 days of taking this it is now between 119 and 125. I did start with 3 times the dosage (3 3 times a day) and dropped to 1 3 times a day. Highly recommend this. If you are taking the dangerous big pharma prescription drugs for bp, do yourself a favor and try this…there is a natural remedy/ alternative for anything … I refused to take any prescription for controlling my bp and my quest for a natural way has finally ended. Bob

Great product! It has brought my BP from mid 150s over 80-90 to mid 130s over mid 80s (along with diet and exercise) in just the past couple months. Excellent, thank you! David

“Once again thank you for your product. My acid re-flux has really improved, thanks to the Xtendovite, together with my thumb joints, the pain has gone and I am able to grip things much better. My friend has peripheral arterial disorder (PAD) and their lower legs were hurting and a red color, but thankfully there is already a significant improvement.” Kind regards    Janice

Feb 4, 2016 Coffee mug.  XtendOvite from heartdrop.com works for me . I used a Wal-Mart prepaid gift MasterCard to buy it online, when I was on the PayPal section it changed from 79 dollars to 59 dollars because the $79 was Canadian currency


Question: Do people really get off their medication using Xtendovite?

Answer: It happened for me. You need to work with your doctor.

Question: I am on blood thinning medication, Can I use Xtendovite?

Answer: Ginkgo Biloba and Garlic are both natural blood thinners. If you are on blood thinning medication, please have your blood checked on a regular basis. The doctor may have to adjust your medication if your blood is getting too thin. Please work with your doctor and have your blood checked regularly.

Question: I have high blood pressure and some days I am very light headed for a few hours after taking my medication, can I use Xtendovite and if so, what should I be aware of?

Answer: Blood pressure can be caused by many things. Most people have told us that their blood pressure started going down and they had not seen their doctor yet. One said he got a little light headed because with both, the blood pressure was lower. We suggest you wait three hours after taking your medication then take Xtendovite, that gives your medication a chance to wear off a bit before taking Xtendovite, or stop using Xtendovite until you get in to see your doctor as he may have to adjust your dosage of medication. 

Question: Will I have problems with the Garlic coming out through perspiration or Garlic breath?

Answer: With the Tincture, any odor on your breath goes away real fast, there is very little of the herb’s in each dosage. the power of these herbs is over time, I like to say, six months down the road, your doctor will scratch his/her head and say, “I don’t know what you are doing but don’t stop”.

Question: When taking the capsules would I have bad taste of belching up garlic or the other herbs.

Answer:  We recommend you take the capsules with FOOD, before you eat. Some people in the beginning notice a little repeat and the taste of Garlic. We have heard that sauerkraut made from just cabbage and salt, no wine or vinegar.  helps to calm the  acid in the stomach. Sauerkraut is alkaline and calms the acid. Note: I have been using a fork full as needed for close to 20 years, It’s amazing, it seems to work for all upset stomach and acid re-flux conditions. Buy it at the grocery store, around $4. you will be amazed.

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Question: Can the tincture and capsules be used concurrently, as long as the total daily dosage is not exceeded, or does one need to choose either one or the other? If so, what are the pros and cons of each? Or how should one decide which to use? Thank you.

Answer: Yes, I take the capsules with breakfast and supper and the liquid before I go to bed and maybe the odd time during the day. You could drink the whole bottle of the tincture and have no side effects other then a cayenne warming or garlic repeat. The with the capsules, I do not recommend that you take more the 3 capsules at once due to the high quality of the herbs.

Question: How do I take Xtendovite?

Answer: For the Tincture

  1. Shake the bottle well to mix the herbs.
  2. Squeeze the eyedropper filling it with about a half inch of liquid.
  3. And squeeze the liquid under your tongue.

Take three times daily: ideally first thing in the morning, at suppertime, and before going to bed, not with food. The taste at first can be quite difficult for some and you could start with, for example, 5 drops per dosage and build up to 15. XtendOvite is also available in capsules. Many customers have told us that the taste was much easier to take after a few days.

For the Capsules:

One capsule taken before food three times per day.

Question: Is the alcohol in Xtendovite?

Answer: XtendOvite tincture is made in a 40 percent alcohol solution base. For those with problems consuming alcohol, please take XtendOvite in capsule form.

Question: Does the tincture have to be refrigerated?

Answer: No, do not refrigerate your XtendOvite.

Question: Is there any concern about drug interactions?

Answer: If there is a concern, take Xtendovite three to four hours after taking your medications. Xtendovite is made from herbs, which generally do not have the kind of side effects some medications have. Generally the homeopathic dosage in XtendOvite has had no reactions with Doctor prescribed medications. Due to the seven herbal combinations, each herb is in small amounts and is unlikely to cause any reactions.

Also, Garlic and Gingko Biloba have blood-thinning properties, and this should be borne in mind when taking it with medications. Many have combined XtendOvite with their regular medication, if your not sure, consult your doctor as you should when taking any vitamin or herbal supplement.

It is advised to inform your doctor about all supplements prior to any surgical operations.


XtendOvite™ products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not to be taken by pregnant women due to the metal detoxifying effects. Always ask your healthcare professional about proper use and possible side effects when taking health care products. The references on this website or any of our literature is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. The information is based on published literature and is for information only. Although every effort was made to provide accurate information on this website, Heart Drop 2000 Distributors Inc. does not guarantee that to be the case. Xtendovite, 7 herb formula in tincture and capsule form is licensed by Health Canada.



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