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When diet and exercise is not enough.

Get The Dependability of XtendOvite.

Traditional use of these herbs indicate that they may:

      • Help Relieve Angina Pain.
      • Help Improve oxygen and blood flow to the heart and brain.
      • Help Normalize Cholesterol.
      • Help Normalize Blood Pressure.
      • Help With cold hands and feet. 
      • Help Improve Circulation
      • Ingredients: Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorne, Valerian, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry.

Extend your life with XtendOvite

Our health challenges take years to manifest. People taking Xtendovite tell us that about one year of taking Xtendovite, they feel better that they have in years. Everyone is different, our diets, level of exercise. For some, it may take longer. For most, Six months from starting Xtendovite, doctors are noticing positive changes in their patient’s overall health, after one year, doctors are very pleased with the changes they are finding. Please be patient, it takes time to work on what took years to accumulate.


Sep 8, 2016  Dr Sam Soriero reviewed (on Amazon) XtendOvite Tincture.   Good ingredients. Feeling much better since taking product.”

Listen to Dr Joe, Tom and Elayne talk about their experiences with XtendOvite          

Dr Joe



Xtendovite, a Herbal combination designed to help improve circulatory problems such as varicose veins, painful legs, chronic venous insufficiency (IVC), etc. Our heart and blood vessels are responsible for carrying approximately 7200 liters of nutrient rich blood around our body every day.  The cardiovascular system, also known as the circulatory system, is responsible for the transport of blood carrying nutrients and oxygen to every cell in our body. This hard working system can face challenges, especially as we age. Regular exercise in addition to a balanced diet and lifestyle plays a major role in keeping the heart and circulation strong. Certain nutrients and herbs can play a beneficial role in supporting and strengthening this system as we get older. At Xtendovite, we understand the role herbal medicine can play in supporting cardiovascular function to keep the blood pumping strong well into old age.

Heart & Circulation Xtendovite helps the body to recover from blood clots, high blood cholesterol and pressure. Heart disease is often referred to a “silent killer” because the first symptom can be fatal. We believe that with specific, potent supplementation, you can remove the underlying conditions that create high cholesterol. Xtendovite has the tools to help remove plaque, decalcify hardened arteries, and restore flexibility to capillaries. Blood clots can cause extensive damage if they plug a vessel supplying your brain, or cause a vessel to burst.

Garlic – helps prevent arteriosclerosis  Garlic is known as a vegetable, spice and medicinal plant nearly all over the world. The garlic plant has been used in traditional medicine for more than 5,000 years. Garlic was already used by the ancient Egyptians to maintain their good health and performance when building the pyramids. To this day, garlic is highly appreciated for its valuable contribution to vascular health and is used to prevent general arteriosclerosis.

 Quote from my Doctor. Don’s medical report; “This 42 yr old suffered an unheralded anterior wall infarct on June 8th (1998) and was readmitted June 13th with recurrent angina went on to PTCA x 3 with stenting of the LADS June 26th 1998 at VGH”

They sent me for an echo-cardiogram: INDICATION: There is significant reduced LV function. There is concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. The anterior wall is akinetic. The estimated ejection factor is 38%.

CONCLUSION: Extensive anterior apical myocardial infraction with poor LV function.

Well I had an angioplasty and joined the Healthy Heart program at the hospital, and learned to exercise and diet. I set about learning to live with the fact I had lost 35% of my heart and may have to give up my roofing business and go on disability.

In February of 1999, I found out about the Garlic and Cayenne mix that may help me.

I started taking them right away and started felling better. In July of 1999, I had some strange chest pains, my doctor asked if I was ready for her to fill out the paperwork for disability. I asked if we could do some testing to confirm the way I was feeling.

Results of my 2nd echo-cardiogram were; (from the Doctors report) “There is no pericardial nor pleural effusion. The cardiac chambers are not dilated, and there is no thickening of the interventricular spectrum nor left ventricular free wall. Right and left ventricular contractibility is within normal limits with no segmental wall motion abnormality. The cardiac valves are structurally normal with only a tiny regurgitate jet noted through the mitral valve.”

Impression: At this time, there is good left ventricular systolic function with ejection fraction estimated at 65-70%. There has, thus, been significant improvement in the LV function since the examination of June 1998. There is only trivial mitral regurgitation and no cardiac enlargement. The false cord is incidentally noted in the LV apex.”

I know this is a lot of Doctors talk, the reality is they could find nothing wrong with me, my damaged heart was well on the mend to 100% or close.

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