On The Air

Don Wiskin has been a guest on several national radio shows spreading the good news with Great Hosts like:

  • The American Awakening with Michael Herzog
  • America Tonight with Kate Delaney
  • The Deborah Ray Show – Health Talk Radio
  • Dave Foreman – The Herbal Pharmacist
  • John Stadtmiller – The National Intel Report
  • Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith
  • The Michael Dresser Show
  • The Midas Report with Michael Trudeau
  • The Susan Cameron-Block Show
  • Healthy Living Show with Croft Woodruff
  • Health Tech Show with Marvin Naider and Allan Glasser
  • The Power Hour With Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist
  • Free American with Clay Douglas
  • and many others


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2 Responses to On The Air

  1. Doreen says:

    How fast does this product work? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Thanks.

    • don says:

      Some say weeks, I don’t want to discourage some one by saying weeks and it takes months to feel the difference. I like to say, six months down the road, your doctor will say, I don’t know what your doing, but don’t stop