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How XtendOvite Works

 XtendOvite works by Killing Yeast in the gut and Detoxifying the Liver. Xtendovite strengthens  the heart and arteries while reducing the cholesterol buildup. Doctors start to see results in as little as six months. We suggest you take XtendOvite as long as it makes you feel better.

How Does Xtendovite Work

Taken from a radio show that Dr Matsen ND did with Don Wiskin for Heart Drop 2000

“Xtendovite has the right herbal ingredients to first deal with the hardening of the arteries, which is the ultimate cause of heart attacks and strokes in most situations.

There are 2 basic denominators in almost every disease. One is yeast overgrowth in the gut and the other is metal in the liver. When the two combine together they create what is called peroxides and with a little research, what you will find is that virtually every disease, one way or the other comes from peroxide damage to the membrane.

You’ve heard about free radicals and everyone is taking anti-oxidants to block free radicals. But this is mainly your livers production of the peroxide that is the root cause of the free radicals.

You see, the liver is the filter for the gut, there is always some toxins made in the gut, but particularly if you get a yeast overgrowth in the gut. Yeast makes tremendous quantities of fatty phenol’s, when the phenol’s get to your liver, you have two sets of enzymes in your liver. The first one is phase one enzyme that takes the fatty phenol’s from the yeast and industrial chemicals or whatever else there is and makes them water-soluble.

When your phase one enzymes in the liver takes fatty chemicals and makes them water-soluble, it also creates some hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide could destroy your liver quickly.

Then you’ve got the phase two enzymes that chops those deadly peroxides into water, unfortunately that enzyme that chops peroxides into water is the sulpher enzyme. The sulfur enzyme is where Swedish doctors found in autopsies, all the mercury and other heavy metals accumulating here.

Metals are mined from sulpher in the first place, metals get loose in the body and they bind to sulpher and slow down your ability to chop peroxide into water, so the net effect is, your liver is taking relatively harmlessly toxins, made peroxides out of them and not finishing the job by neutralizing them and these peroxides spill out of the liver and can damage your arteries. For example, even rip up a piece of membrane in the arteries.

The liver then makes cholesterol to go and repair the damage, but the LDL which carries the cholesterol to the damaged site for repairs, does not have much protection against the peroxide and the peroxide can damage the LDL and it gets stuck in the arteries and this is how the name Bad Cholesterol got tagged on the LDL. LDL is not bad cholesterol, it is just doing its job, carrying cholesterol, and it didn’t have any protection, it is the peroxides that are the bad guys.

Anyway, if the LDL gets stuck in the arteries, then the macrophages go in there and salvage the LDL. The macrophages can get stuck with the LDL due to the peroxide as well and start clogging up the arteries.

That’s the basic mechanism of all this, now the more metals there are attracted to phase two enzymes (The sulfur enzyme); the more severe the damage from the peroxide is. So again, the yeast in the gut, and then metals in the liver, results in these peroxides.

Now what Xtendovite has, it has Garlic which is at least a yeast inhibitor if not a yeast killer, in some people because of the sulpher in the garlic to do some metal Chelation at a very low level – it starts to pull metals out of the system.

It has Bilberry which helps to protect the arteries and other connective tissue from peroxide damage. It has the Milk thistle which activates the sulpher enzyme in the liver to help neutralize peroxide a little better. It has Cayenne pepper which dilates the blood vessel.

You can say Xtendovite is a well thought out, all around formula. If you reduce the amount of yeast in the gut and the amount of metals in the liver in the first place, your need for Xtendovite can even be reduced. But since most of us had a lot of antibiotics that killed off our good intestinal bacteria that protect us from yeast overgrowth. Who does not have a little bit of yeast overgrowth these days?

Since most of us have mercury fillings which we now know from Swedish autopsy studies, these fillings leaked continuously into the liver. Who does not have some degree of metals?

One of the more obvious ways you can see some type of the hardening of the arteries is in the eyes through iridology. If you look at the iris of the eye, which is the colored part of the eye, often you will see a little arch, particularly in the top of the eye, which shows decreased circulation, which is a very common problem especially as people get older. But it’s not unusual even in a matter of a few months to see that slowly disappear from the top of the eye as people clean their arteries out and get their liver functions working better.

Just changing the diet usually does not give you much improvement and killing the yeast does not give you much improvement until you get the metals out, then people finally get better. Well again, the basis of physiology is we are all programmed to be healthy, but you don’t see much of that anymore.

Keep working on that product, it is a well thought out formula. The idea of it working on yeast and metals both at the same time and liver functions is dead on. You will find I think, it works on more than just heart and circulation problems. I think it will work on other problems as well.

Products like Xtendovite is the only way we are going to get our society healthy and if you’re waiting for the government and pharmaceutical care to solve your health problems, you are going to have a long disappointing wait I think.

You have to understand your body is programmed to heal that way. You have got to heal yourself. Health care isn’t going to solve all your problems. We need to take charge of our own health care. Be responsible for your own health.”

Dr Matsen ND

Dr Matsen speaking about Xtendovite


Why do over 50 percent of North Americans have some form of chronic ailment?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

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Our Name. Xtendto last longer. vite – Latin for Life “Extend your life with Xtendovite”


Don Wiskin has been a guest on several national radio shows spreading the good news with Great Hosts like:

  • Kev Baker on
  • Brooks Agnew on
  • What Really Happened with Michael Rivero
  • The American Awakening with Michael Herzog
  • America Tonight with Kate Delaney
  • The Deborah Ray Show – Health Talk Radio
  • Dave Foreman – The Herbal Pharmacist
  • John Stadtmiller – The National Intel Report
  • Radio Liberty with Dr. Stanley Monteith
  • The Michael Dresser Show
  • The Midas Report with Michael Trudeau
  • The Susan Cameron-Block Show
  • Healthy Living Show with Croft Woodruff
  • Health Tech Show with Marvin Naider and Allan Glasser
  • The Power Hour With Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist
  • Free American with Clay Douglas
  • Dr Bill Deagle
  • and many others


XtendOvite™ products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not to be taken by pregnant women due to the metal detoxifying effects. Always ask your healthcare professional about proper use and possible side effects when taking health care products. The references on this website or any of our literature is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. The information is based on published literature and is for information only. Although every effort was made to provide accurate information on this website, Heart Drop 2000 Distributors Inc. does not guarantee that to be the case. 

Question: Can you use Xtendovite having a kidney transplant and the Prednisone meds, without fear of loosing the kidney due to a better improved immune system.

Answer: We have the same concern as you do. Since your immune system is suppressed,  Xtendovite could boost your immune system and attack a foreign object.

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  1. How fast does this product work? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Thanks.

    1. Some say weeks, I don’t want to discourage some one by saying weeks and it takes months to feel the difference. I like to say, six months down the road, your doctor will say, I don’t know what your doing, but don’t stop

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